iTunes Cover image for 'Clouds' by Zach Sobiech, download the free official sheet music below and make a donation to the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma FundZach Sobiech 1995-2013

When Zach Sobiech was just fourteen years old he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. His response was to embrace every day with hope and joy. He surrounded himself with family and friends and he wrote songs for the people he loved. Since his diagnosis Zach and his bandmates have released two albums, realizing the dream of raising awareness and much-needed funds for osteosarcoma research.

Zach’s hit song “Clouds” climbed to #1 on iTunes today!

I learned about Zach and his amazing journey through Adam Gislason who was doing pro bono legal work for Zach as his intellectual property attorney. Adam told me that the enormous popularity of “Clouds” had brought with it many requests for sheet music and asked me to do the project. It was a no-brainer, of course, and it’s now available – at no cost – through the download link below.

You can read more about Zach’s story on his page at the Children’s Cancer Research Fund site. And be sure not to miss Zach’s video documentary My Last Days: Meet Zach Sobiech and the wonderful “Clouds” Celebrity Tribute Music Video.

Before you download the music, please take a moment to contribute what you can to the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund and do your part in carrying Zach’s dream forward!

The music is in lead-sheet format: lyrics, melody and chords in Zach’s original key of D Major. If you watch the “Clouds” music video you’ll notice that Zach has a capo on the second fret to take advantage of the more resonant key of C Major on the guitar.

Click the image above to download your copy of “Clouds.”