Music Preparation

Dal segno Music Services provides the highest quality music preparation and engraving for any genre of music and publishing requirement.

For music educators and authors, Dal segno creates print and digital documents for the classroom and for professional publications. From the simplest music example to the most complex graphic analysis, your project will be rendered with precision and clarity.

For composers and arrangers, Dal segno provides the engraving expertise required to realize your scores according to the most exacting specifications of professional publishers and performing organizations. The example on the left (below) is a first draft submitted for engraving by percussion designer Adam Clay. The finished score, on the right, establishes Adam’s “house style.”

Example of engraving for percussion designer - BeforeExample of music preparation for percussion designer:  After

For songwriters, Dal segno can transcribe recordings of your material and create professional lead sheets with chords and lyrics suitable for publication and copyright purposes.

For musicians who want to create their own scores, Dal segno offers Finale training for users at any level of expertise.

Commercial music publishers establish their own ‘house styles’ which are the result of balancing parameters such as aesthetic design, page size, page turns, repeat schemes, legibility, fonts, graphic elements, etc.

I can work with you to find the balance that best fits your music. Your own ‘house style’ can be saved to a custom default document, which can then be used in future projects to establish and maintain your ‘brand.’

Your completed projects will always be available as Finale MUS files. They can also be formatted as PDF or Postscript files, XML files, or standard MIDI files. If your publisher requires it, scores and music examples can be formatted as EPS, PICT, JPG, PNG, or TIFF files.*

Dal segno Music Services does not have a print shop but, if you wish, your files can be forwarded to a superb music printing company and sent directly to you on completion. Valle Music Reproduction is a full-service printer that offers the highest industry standard in printed music reproduction and binding.