Finale Instruction Rates

Individual Sessions
$45 / hour

Small Group Sessions (2 – 4 people)
$25 / hour per person

Large Group Sessions (5 – 15 people)

Tier 1: $250 for a 1-hour session with an additional 15-minute Q&A

Tier 2: $350 for a 2-hour session with an additional 15-minute Q&A

Tier 3: $500 for a half-day session (4 hours including one 15-minute break)

Tier 4: $800 for a full-day session (7 hours, including a 1-hour mid-session
break and two 15-minute breaks)

Mileage, Travel and Lodging Expenses

$0.50 / mile for driving trips
If air or other commercial travel is required, the client pays the two-way fare.
If a same-day return isn’t feasible, the client pays for lodging.

Music Preparation

Because there’s such a wide range of complexity among music prep projects, a generic per-hour pricing plan isn’t possible. I’ll review your music prep project and prepare an estimate based on projected time required and difficulty. When terms are mutually agreeable, I will honor the deadline and the agreed price.