The Dal segno Story

In 2004, I brought what I thought was significant Finale experience to MakeMusic, Inc., the makers of the Finale family of music notation software. I quickly learned that my years of working with Finale as an arranger and composer had actually been within a very narrow range of the program’s possibilities. There were, shall we say, some gaps in my knowledge and experience.

After two years of working in Customer Support, both teaching and learning from Finale users and colleagues, I moved into Repertoire Development where audio recordings and Finale files are synchronized for use in MakeMusic’s other stellar program, SmartMusic. This proved to be another Finale learning opportunity — even more technical – integrating Finale files with audio engineering software.

But, the work I liked best was engraving. So, I was excited by MakeMusic’s decision to create an in-house Music Engraving department and joined that project in 2006. In my work as a staff engraver I continued to hone and expand my skills, engraving scores — large and small — for a wide variety of instruments and ensembles.

In the spring of 2009, for personal reasons, I chose to return to self-employment and established Dal segno Music Services.

In addition to my tenure at MakeMusic, I also have decades of experience in a wide variety of musical styles and settings as a performer, music director, arranger, composer, producer, and engraver. I’ve worked with a diverse community of musicians in many musical genres: classical, jazz, rock, musical theater, folk, and pop.

An undergrad degree in Piano Performance and graduate studies in music theory, musicology, and pedagogy have broadened and deepened my understanding of music and musicians and enables me to communicate effectively with clients from any musical field. I look forward to working with you!